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General Information

Capital Normal University

Capital Normal University (CNU) is a national “Double-First Class” university co-sponsored both by the Beijing Municipal Government and the State Ministry of Education (MOE). CNU offers multiple disciplines including literature, science, engineering, management, law, education, foreign language and art etc. According to the 4th round of Disciplinary Evaluation by MOE, CNU ranks 37th among more than 500 participating institutions nationwide by the total number of Class-A disciplines and ranks No. 1 among Beijing Municipal Universities. Disciplines such as Education, Fine Arts, World History, Chinese Language and Literature, Marxism Theory rank top 10% nationwide. Disciplines such as Chinese History, Mathematics, Geography, Biology, Statistics, Music and Dance rank top 20% nationwide. All disciplines at all levels are open to international students.


CNU is located next to the West 3rd Ring Road of Beijing, with convenient transportation and first-class teachers. It has the best teaching facilities and international student dorm in Beijing. CNU is currently composed of 31 colleges and schools, offering 1 associate degree program, 59 undergraduate programs, 142 master’s programs, and 101 PH.D programs, with a total enrollment of nearly 30,000 students.  Approximately 2,500 international students study in CNU for long-term and short-term programs every year.


The College of International Education (CIE) was established in 1999. The college actively carries out the education and management of international students, Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and management of overseas Confucius Institutes. At present, CNU has set up 5 Confucius Institutes and 2 Independent Confucius Classrooms such as Confucius Institute at St. Petersburg State University, Russia, Confucius Institute at the University of Venice, Italy, Confucius Institute at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Confucius Institute at the University of Piura, Peru, Confucius Institute at the University of Bremen, Germany, the Independent Confucius Classroom at Hungarian Chinese Bilingual School, Hungary, the Independent Confucius Classroom of Luxor University in Egypt, and the Minnesota Confucius Classroom Coordination Office has been established.


With its diversified training system, excellent faculty and excellent teaching quality, CIE recruits about 2,500 long-term and short-term international students from around 100 countries every year, and actively cooperates with various colleges/departments of CNU to promote the multi-level development of international education to a higher level. CIE and Flinders University of Australia have launched a Master of Education cooperation program, which has successfully held 17 sessions and trained 641 ME students.


At present, CIE is the model base for International students approved by the Ministry of Education, the preparatory education base for Chinese Government Scholarship international undergraduate students, the first group of “ Chinese Language Education Base in Beijing, the international talents training center for “the Belt and Road Initiative” in Beijing and the HSK testing center.


All specialties at all levels of CNU are open to international students. At present, the popular majors for international students are:

Chinese Language

Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

International Economy and Trade

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Tourism management

Chinese Language and Literature

International Business



Geographic Information Science (Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs offered in English is open)

Music and Dance

Life Sciences


Fine Arts (Chinese Calligraphy Culture)



Various scholarships are provided to the international students at CNU, mainly including Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Teacher Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarship) , Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship, Beijing Municipal "Belt and Road Initiative" Scholarship, etc. Welcome outstanding young talents from all over the world to study in Capital Normal University.